Sebastiano Pilla

DevOps / Infrastructure Senior Engineer



presentAug 2015

Senior Manager Web Operations | Paris (France)

Managed a team of 6 engineers maintaining and improving infrastructure, monitoring and security.

  • Designed and implemented a high availability website infrastructure, exceeding 99.99% yearly availability
  • Defined and implemented monitoring of technical and business KPI
  • Managed incident resolution processes and alert escalations
  • Managed vendor relationships
  • Managed internal IT Service Delivery
Aug 2015Dec 2012

DevOps/Infrastructure Specialist

Progiweb | Paris (France)

In charge of the infrastructure and operations lead for a high-traffic, personalized e-commerce solution for Gemo (Groupe Eram).

  • Defined the REST API structure for integrating Play Framework with Oracle ATG Commerce and Mule ESB
  • Defined and implemented the processes for the software factory: building and packaging code with Jenkins, storing dependencies and builds in Artifactory, orchestrating deployments with Rundeck
  • Built the infrastructure for the integration environments: KVM virtualization, configuration automation via Puppet, networking
  • Automated installations of development and integration environments, from the OS to the Oracle databases and the application servers
  • Defined and implemented system and application metrics, optimized the application code
  • Helped the development team become aware of infrastructure configuration and constraints
  • Written deployment procedures for custom applications (Oracle ATG Commerce, Play Framework, Mule ESB)
  • Implemented collection of logging and application metrics with a variety of open-source (Logstash, Kibana, collectd) and SaaS solutions (NewRelic, Logentries)
  • Created custom RPM packages for various open-source software: nginx, HAProxy, ElasticSearch
  • Written a Maven plugin for building multi-module ATG projects
  • Implemented backup and recovery procedures
Dec 2012Sep 2004

ATG Consultant

Progiweb | Paris (France)

I've worked on the vast majority of Oracle ATG Commerce projects in France as senior developer, architect, or expert product consultant; I've conducted ATG training classes for more than 150 developers in France and in the U.K.

  • ATG expert and lead developer
  • Designed and implemented major architecture and application enhancements
  • Written technical specifications and coding standards
  • Migrated entire code bases between ATG versions
  • Integrated ATG products with other commercial and open source technologies

Projects by sector:

  • Luxury: Louis Vuitton, Sephora, E-Luxury
  • Media and communications: Canal +, France Telecom, Orange UK, M6
  • Retail: Castorama
  • Others: Ministère de l’Education Nationale, AGF, Aelia, Roche
Aug 2004Feb 2003


SDG Engineering | Treviso (Italy)

One of the original 6 employees, I took the responsibility of making the technology choices and defining the software development standards.

  • ATG expert and lead developer
  • Defined the architecture of the software solutions
  • Coordinated the development activity
  • Driven the implementation of the software projects

Projects by sector:

  • Food: Rana Extranet, Rana Intranet
  • Media and communications: Trovocasa (Corriere della Sera)
  • Manufacturing: Snaidero Extranet, Snaidero Intranet
Feb 2003Oct 2000

Senior Software Engineer

E-Tree | Treviso (Italy)

I worked as a software engineer and later as a team leader for a variety of projects in the e-commerce, banking, education, administration and retails sectors.

Projects by sector:

  • Education: Università di Milano
  • Administration: Comune di Venezia
  • Banking: E-Family (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro)
  • Manufacturing: Snaidero Extranet
  • Other: Ducati, Italia OnLine, Benetton
Sep 2000Apr 2000

Software Engineer

Generation Byte | Trieste (Italy)
Sep 1999Feb 2000

Software Engineering Intern

INSIEL | Trieste (Italy)

Technologies and Skills

Oracle ATG CommerceOracle DatabaseElasticSearchPostgreSQL

Professional Certifications

March 2009
ATG Certified Commerce Developer
July 2006
ATG Certified Relationship Management Developer


June 2000

Licensed Professional Engineer

Università di Trieste
February 2000

5-year Italian Degree in Electronic Engineering

Università di Trieste

Volunteer Experience

BRFC Paris

Support and maintenance of the public Internet presence for a local Rugby Union club.

Association Sauve

Support and maintenance of the public Internet presence for a non-profit association in the field of animal welfare.